QR Code Cupcakes & Biscuits

Have you ever tried a tasty QR code? We have! QR codes are such an easy, convenient way to direct people to your website or video, you can see why they've become a regular part of our lives. Who can resist scanning that little collection of black squares to see where it leads? Add in the bonus of a delicious cake and you have an irresistible offer!

qr code logo cupcakes

We've printed QR codes onto our all butter logo biscuits and cupcakes to great effect. They've been sent out for business launches, new internal initiatives and to showcase promotional videos and offers. It adds a fun dimension to any marketing activity. Stay in the minds of your customers and compel them to your call to action - it's a winning combo. 

qr code branded logo cupcakes

Your QR code is printed onto our edible icing discs, and can be paired with your logo or an image, sent individually, in bulk, or as part of a presentation box. We can even add in promotional material for you. Customers have told us just how effective these projects have been, and we've seen the evidence on social media. Create a buzz on your Twitter and interesting content for your Instagram.

qr code branded cupcakes for launch

We also provided 2800 of these amazing QR code biscuits for CBRE, delivered all across their UK offices to celebrate the launch of their new website. Each all butter biscuit was hand packed in plastic free packaging, featuring an edible QR code ready to be scanned and enjoyed with a cuppa. 

QR code biscuits with uk delivery

If you would like to give your launch a boost, spread some bites of happiness or get your employees on side, just drop us an email at hello@printcakes.co.uk or visit our contact page. All our cupcakes are made from scratch with real butter and all natural flavours such as Madagascan vanilla and Lemon zest. We regularly work with big brands so you know you are in safe hands!



  • Hi Nigel, we can print complex QR codes, that is no problem. We can always do a test print for you to ensure it works as required. Just send it over to our email address :-)

    Helena From Print Cakes
  • Without a logo, or other frills, how large and complex a QR code can you print? Messages can be encoded, not just an address to a website, so I am indirectly asking how long a message can be printed in your dots. I would like to order from you a few times each year.


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