NEW! Vegan and Gluten Free Branded Cupcakes

We've been making vegan logo cupcakes and Gluten free logo cupcakes for quite a few years but we now have them available to order direct on the website

We still bake these free from cupcakes from scratch with premium ingredients, so they are still just as tasty as the regular versions. We have a delicious recipe for each dietary requirements. All our cupcakes are also made in a nut free bakery!

Choose whether to have you branded cupcakes all printed with the same design, or with two different designs. Of course, we also off regular branded cupcakes too and you can order a mix to suit your needs. If you need any help please just get in touch!

Vegan Branded Cupcakes

Gaining more and more popularity, our vegan sponges are made with Madagascan vanilla for a natural authentic flavour. Each vegan cupcake is topped with a hand piped buttercream using vegan butter. Our edible printed logo discs are completely vegan and are added to the tops of the cakes. Each package had a vegan friendly sticker on top for easy identification. Click a product below to order yours!

vegan logo cupcakes with uk delivery

vegan logo cupcakes with uk delivery

Made without Gluten Cupcakes

Make sure your gluten free guests and employees don't miss out. This recipe is made with a gluten free flour, real creamy butter and Madagascan vanilla. Each cake is topped with a buttercream swirl and our edible printed logo discs. Again, each package will have a "Made without gluten" sticker. This sticker will also carry and extra warning that although every care is taken to ensure there is no cross contamination, they are made in the same bakery as our regular cupcakes so we can't guarantee they are 100% free of gluten. For this reason they may not be suitable for coeliacs. You can be confident the stickers and ingredient lists make this clear. Click a product below to order yours!

gluten free logo cupcakes

gluten free logo cupcakes uk delivered

We also made a gluten free and vegan branded biscuit which will be coming to the website soon! If you would like to order these, please just contact us and we will happily get your order sorted for you :-)




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