National Biscuit Day Treats!

One of our favourite times of year is National Biscuit Day. Along with National Cupcake Day, National Tea day... basically any day we have an excuse to stuff our faces! Whoever thinks of these days needs a gold star.

🍪 Wondering how to celebrate National Biscuit Day? I think you can guess what we are going to suggest!

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🍪 National Biscuit day
is on the 29th of May and the perfect excuse to treat your employees and colleagues. Sometimes, all we need to perk us up is a tasty biscuit and a cuppa. We deliver biscuits for all kinds of occasions to businesses and offices up and down the country and they always get great feedback. 

Biscuits are certainly a British firm favourite and the biscuit top spot can be fiercely fought over. Are you a hobnob? A Chocolate Digestive? Or a Custard Cream?!

Did you know that the first biscuits were made to freshen peoples breath? An initially they were not sweet, and baked very hard so they would keep for long journeys to provide sustenance for soldiers and sailors? This goes as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Romans. So we can't lay claim to their invention, but certainly to their refinement!

At Print Cakes we use an all butter sugar cookie recipe which gets it delicious flavour from the creamy butter and our authentic Madagascan vanilla. We never use spreads and keep the ingredients super simple. Each biscuit is then topped with an edible image (such as a logo, photo or illustration) printed directly onto icing. They are then individually wrapped and delivered anywhere in the UK. 

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Over the years the biscuits have taken on all kinds of shapes. Of course we have the classic round and square, but the shapes have taken on a life of their own. We make bespoke cutters and then get cutting! Our shaped biscuits so far include planes, dinosaurs, mugs, dogs and coffins! Right now in the bakery we have some motorbike biscuits being baked which smell delicious. 

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We send the biscuits in bulk but also to individual addresses as a letterbox treat. It's almost illegal to have a biscuit without a cup of tea, and so all our letterbox biscuits boxes are packed up with a tea, coffee or hot chocolate. We can confirm they are good dunkers! These gift boxes are great for home workers, or for online events so you can bring everyone together to enjoy a tasty treat at the same time. 

In recent years, the development of vegan biscuits, dairy free biscuits and gluten free biscuits to suit a variety of dietary requirements have meant that everyone can still enjoy these tasty treats. We have developed a recipe which is both vegan and gluten free which is perfect to cover any dietary requirements you have in your office. 

You can order your branded biscuits online - it's really simple. 

1. Choose your shape, just click the product you like the look of.

2. Decide on your quantity. Our minimum order is just 25. 

3. Click create your biscuits, and then upload your image, logo or design. There's even a type tool so you can add you own text. Another top tip is to use Canva to create your design and then upload the finished master piece. 

4. Add your delivery address at checkout and we will sort the rest. We need at least 3 days to bake and deliver you branded biscuits. 

Looking for bespoke shapes, multiple delivery addresses or any other options? Just get in touch with us, we are always happy to chat biscuits!

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