How to Beat the January Blues

After the festive celebrations and the start of the new year, we can all feel a bit down and that is called the January Blues. 

Here at Print Cakes HQ, we don’t want you to feel down, we want to make you happy by bringing you cake.

You don’t need a reason to eat cake, as long as it puts a smile on your face that is all that matters.

Speaking of which, why don’t you try our Keep Smiling Cupcake Gift Box

We all need to keep smiling, even during these strange times. So why not bring yourself or a friend or family member joy. Give them a reason to smile when they might be feeling down. 

Our Eat Cake & Relax Cupcake Gift Box reminds us to take the time to relax and chill out. Maybe you know a key worker or a school teacher who has been feeling the pressure lately? Perhaps sending them a relax gift box will do just the trick. 


Be A Cupcake In A World Of Muffins

Definitely a quote to live by. This fun cupcake gift box is perfect to send for birthdays, congratulations or just to send out some positive vibes. So much more exciting than sending a card. Each cupcake is topped with part of the quote "Be a Cupcake In a World Of Muffins."

Do you know someone who could do with a laugh? We have many cupcakes that can make anyone chuckle. Including our You Wanna Piece Of Me?! Cupcakes

We can’t hug our loves ones at the moment but we can send them a cake, because they deserve it

Our tasty cupcake gift boxes can be sent directly to your friends and family to give them a lovely surprise, or straight to you. Make sure you add the correct UK delivery address at checkout.

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