Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial

What do you get the dad who has everything for Father's Day? He probably doesn't want any more socks or novelty ties and as everyone knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, a cupcake or two is always going to go down a treat. At Print Cakes we have three special Father's Day Cupcake Gift Boxes on offer this year with cool designs your dad will love. They can be delivered any where in the UK and come in a gift box with a ribbon tie. Just click the link to take a look. If you're feeling creative though, we have an amazing Father's Day cupcake tutorial for you below: 

Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial

Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial - Shirt CupcakeFather's Day Cupcake Tutorial - Waist Coat Cupcake


Materials and Tools Needed

Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial - Tools needed


Serves: Makes 12 Father's Day Cupcakes
Total Time: 120 mins



  • Sharp knife
  • A bowl and teaspoon
  • Ice-cream scoop
  • Small brush
  • Cocktail stick
  • Rolling pin
  • Quilting wheel tool
  • Set of circle cutters

Let's Get Started!


Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial

Step 1:
Preheat the oven to 175°C. Line your cupcake tin with your cases and get your cupcake batter ready (use our delicious cupcake recipe!) or your own favourite.

Cupcake recipe for Father's Day cupcakesCupcake batter in cupcake pan for Father's Day cupcakes


Step 2:

Place a scoop of cupcake batter into each case. The cupcake cases will be about two thirds full. Don't worry if you don't have an ice-cream scoop, a spoon will do fine, it just might be a bit more messy!

Perfect cooked cupcake sponges


Cupcakes cooling on a rack - Father's Day Gift Tutorial

Step 3:
Take out the cupcakes when golden on top and bouncy to a soft touch. Place on a wire rack to cool.
While the cupcakes are cooling, make up a batch of our delicious buttercream.

Father's Day Cupcake Gift recipe - add the buttercream


Step 4:
Put a dollop of buttercream in the centre of one of the cooled cupcakes. This will go under the sugar paste dome we will make next.

Father's Day gift box tutorial

Step 5:
Colour about 300g of the sugar paste a light blue (or whatever shirt colour your dad likes best!) Add a small amount of the gel colour at a time with a cocktail stick until you get the colour you are looking for. Roll it out until it is about 5mm thick and use a 60-70mm round cutter to cut out your circle.


Father's Day Cupcake gift idea tutorialDomed cupcake tutorial for Father's Day Gift


Step 6:
The blue circle will make the base for the shirt cupcake of your Father's Day set. Place the blue icing circle on top of the buttercream on the cupcake. If it looks a little small, take it off and give it a gentle stretch. It's a bit of trial and error with the first one, but you'll be a whizz by the 12th! Lightly pat the circle down slightly, then start to move the edges of the circle closer to the cupcake case. Work your way around the cupcake and you should end up with a nice dome. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time, practice makes perfect!


Shirt cupcake tutorial for father's Day

Step 7:
Next we will make the details for the Father's Day shirt cupcake. Roll out some more of your light blue sugar paste, this time you only want it 1-2mm thick. Cut a thin strip about 80mm long and about 10mm wide, this will form the collar. Next cut a strip about 40mm long and about 5mm wide. This will be the strip under the shirt buttons. Next you will need a small square to make the pocket.

If you have a quilting tool you can run it along the edges of the button strip and the top of the pocket. If not, you could use a cocktail strip to make little stitch marks.

Finally roll some tiny white sugar paste balls to form the buttons.


Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial - Shirt CupcakeShirt cupcake tutorial for Father's Day


Step 8:
Glue the one long edge of the collar piece with some edible glue or a bit of water and curl it to form the collar as in the image above. Next glue on the button strip and the pocket. Finally add each button and use the cocktail stick to make two small holes on each one. You have finished your first shirt cupcake!


Waist coat fathers day cupcake tutorial

Step 9:
Next we are making the waist coat cupcake. Repeat steps 4-6 with some white sugar paste to end up with a white dome as in the image above.


Father's day gift idea cupcake tutorialCupcake batter in cupcake pan for Father's Day cupcakes


Step 10
Roll out more of your light blue sugar paste to about a 3mm thickness. Use a sharp knife to make a criss-cross pattern on the icing. This will give the waist coat some texture. One you have done it, use the same size cutter you used to cut out the dome to cut a new circle out.


Father's day cupcake tutorial - waist coatFather's day cupcake tutorial - waist coat


Step 11
Use a smaller circle cutter (40-50mm) to make two cuts for the arm holes. Then using a knife, cut a small "V" from the top and bottom as in the image above.


Waist coat cupcake tutorial for a Father's Day cupcake

Step 13
Glue the waist coat onto the white cupcake dome. In the same way you added the buttons to the shirt cupcake, add 4 small buttons and use the cocktail stick to make the holes. To add some "stitched" edging to the waist coat, use your quilting tool, or the cocktail stick.


Bow tie detail for Father's Day cupcakeFather's Day Waist Coat cupcake tutorial gift idea.


Step 11
For the final step, colour some sugar paste a darker blue or a nice colour to make the bow tie pop! Cut out a strip around 40mm long and 4mm wide. Dab some edible glue in the centre and fold each side in (see top left image). Add a smaller piece around the middle to form the "knot" and use your cocktail sticks to make two "crease" indents on each side. And you're done! Well almost, you've got another 5 waist coat cupcake to make, but I'm sure your dad won't mind if you just make him one of each and eat the rest!


Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial - Shirt and Waist Coat cupcakes

We hope you enjoy this Father's Day Cupcake Tutorial!
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