Corporate Gift Ideas You'll Love

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting involves companies giving branded merchandise or personalised gifts to employees, clients, or prospects. This strategic approach aims to build relationships, express gratitude, enhance brand awareness, and create meaningful connections that foster business growth.

⭐️ Why is Corporate Gifting Beneficial?

Corporate gifting benefits businesses by strengthening bonds, demonstrating appreciation, and keeping your company on the top of the mind of your clients. Have you ever received a gift from a company you had all but forgotten about? Followed up with a well timed email or phone call, often it leads to a reignited relationship. In the workplace, thoughtful gifts can boost morale and increase loyalty. Gifting creates stronger connections with clients and employees, ultimately contributing to a positive corporate culture and enhanced business success.


⭐️ Corporate Gifting: Why You Need to Pay Attention Now

In an increasingly digital and remote working environment, corporate gifting serves as a tangible touchpoint that can humanise the brand, foster connections, and drive business success.


⭐️ Looking For a Corporate Gift with branding?

Then you are in the right place! Branding on corporate gifts turns them into powerful marketing tools that extend brand visibility and reinforce brand identity. It ensures the gift not only serves its immediate purpose but also leaves a lasting impression that keeps the company top-of-mind.

Print Cakes have been baking corporate branded treats for over 10 years and we have seen how well they work for customers in all business areas. We offer clients a variety of branded sweet treats, including logo biscuits, corporate cupcakes, branded chocolates, and sweet bags, perfect for making a memorable and delicious impression.


How to Plan a Corporate Gifting Campaign in 2024

⭐️ Don’t cheapen your brand! Quality corporate gifts reflects the company’s standards and values. High-quality gifts are more likely to be used, appreciated, and remembered, enhancing the perceived value of the business relationship. Ever used a branded pen that won’t write? You most likely, even if subconsciously, thought less of the company it was from.  

corporate branded biscuit gift ideas

⭐️ When to gift? There are a lot of occasions a corporate gift can be used. Consider gifting to celebrate business achievements, mergers and corporate anniversary’s. There is also a plethora of dates throughout the year including Random Act of Kindness Day, Employee Appreciation Day, Pride Week, Mental Health Awareness events, and of course Christmas.


⭐️ Consider how to deliver the gifts? Is everyone in the office on the same day? Do you have employee working from home, do you have workers across multiple sites? We have worked with lots of different senarios over the years! Our logo biscuits are a great shout if you need a bit more longevity as they last up to two weeks. We also have lots of letterbox ideas for home workers and clients.

Corporate Gift Ideas for 2024

  1. 🐢 Sustainable Products: Eco-friendly items that reflect a commitment to environmental responsibility. At Print Cakes all our packaging can be recycled, and where possible it made from recycled materials to start with. We even have compostable biscuit bags made from plants!

  2. 📱Technology Accessories: Practical gadgets or accessories for remote or office use will always come in useful.

  3. ⌚️ Luxury Items: High-end products for exclusive client gifts or top-performing employees. Sometimes you need the wow factor! We can make bespoke hampers for those special customers you want to go the extra mile for.

  4. 🖋️ Personalised Stationery: Is it only us who are always short of a pen? Custom notebooks or pens add a personal touch (they work great sent out with our branded biscuits too.)

  5. ❤️ Health and Wellness Packs: Items that promote physical and mental wellbeing. Our tea break biscuit boxes are a great way to encourage your employees to take a moment for themselves, sit down and have a chat with a colleague.

    business birthday gift idea
  6. 🤿 Experience Vouchers: Gifts of experiences rather than items, such as classes or getaways.

⭐️ Sweet Corporate Treats

  1. 🍪🧁 Branded biscuits and cupcakes from Print Cakes offer a sweet, personalised touch to corporate gifting, perfect for any occasion.
  2. 🍫 Branded chocolates provide a luxurious and memorable gift option, ideal for expressing appreciation.
  3. 🍬 Branded sweet bags are a delightful treat for employees, creating moments of joy and a positive association with the brand.
  4. 🚚 We deliver all across the UK, to locations in bulk or individually, such as our letterbox biscuit boxes.

corporate branded sweet bags

⭐️ Tips for Choosing the Perfect Business Gift

  1. Consider the recipient's interests and preferences.
  2. Ensure the gift aligns with your company values and brand image.
  3. Focus on quality to leave a lasting impression.
  4. Personalise the gift to enhance emotional resonance. This can be by adding a note, or even your message directly to the product.

Types of Corporate Gifts

⭐️ Employee Appreciation Gifts

Gifts that acknowledge an employee's role, contribution, or personal milestones demonstrate genuine appreciation and can significantly boost morale and loyalty.

employee appreciation corporate gift

⭐️ Client Gifts

Personalised, memorable gifts can strengthen business relationships, showing clients they are valued and appreciated beyond mere transactions. Businesses are made up of people at the end of the day, and people who feel appreciated are more likely to buy from you again in the future.

corporate cupcakes for business birthday - uk delivery

⭐️ Sales Prospecting and Marketing Gifts

Practical, industry-relevant items that are memorable yet cost-effective can make a strong impression on prospects, enhancing brand recall. Think about the impact you could make online too via social media. 

promotional branded gift ideas

⭐️ Corporate Event Gifts

Offer practical, branded items at events to ensure your company stands out and leaves a lasting brand impression on attendees. Hint: When everyone else is handing our keyrings and pens, branded cupcakes and biscuits are always a huge hit and get people talking.

book launch gift ideas

⭐️ Corporate Gift Boxes

Curate a mix of high-quality, branded products in premium packaging for a unique and memorable unboxing experience.

⭐️ New Hire Welcome Kits & Packs for Remote Employees

Welcome kits for new hires, especially remote employees, help them feel connected and valued from the start, setting the tone for a positive and engaging work relationship.

Let us bake you up some delicious branded sweet treats! We are the best in the business and your employees, customers and clients will be thrilled. You can order online, by phone or email. We are a small friendly team who will do everything to ensure the process is as easy as possible. 

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