Building Customer Trust, Builds Great Brands

What’s more important; brand created content or consumer created content?

"In a recent survey, TrustPilot found that 93% of consumers preferred to read consumer created content over brand created content, prior to making a purchase, as it is classed as being more authentic. 44% of those surveyed by YouGov said they wouldn’t even read a sponsored post, and 71% said they’d find a sponsored post harder to believe. Sponsored posts can arouse suspicion."

Customers are forming stronger opinions from consumer generated content, whether that’s friends and family sharing things on social media, or reading reviews online.  

This is all due to consumers having no incentives before endorsing or criticising products or services; they create content and leave reviews without needing incentives. And what customers say is trusted!  Even when it comes to adverts, 87% of customers said they trust adverts more with a TrustPilot rating included, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a 5 star rating. A 4 star rating is highly favoured, as it’s seen as more authentic and transparent with customers… Potential customers want to know what other customers are really saying, and what they’re saying is vitally important.

There are so many ways we can harness consumer created content in order to;

  • Stand out
  • Create a buzz amongst employees and customers
  • Grow
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate new business
  • Create a social media buzz

Let us tell you a story of about Transpennine Express…

...The power of a branded cupcake

Transpennine Express created customer generate brand excitement using our logo cupcakes as part of the launch of their new franchise in 2016. Our bakers baked 6000 branded cupcakes with a top secret new logo on, for Transpennine to give out to customers at train stations up and down the UK. Those happy customers shared images of their cupcakes, as well as their gratitude to Transpennine, creating a real social media buzz about the company. This was then seen by customers’ friends and families all across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The feedback, shared images and positive vibes, are all trusted because they’re coming from genuine, everyday people.

Transpennine saw not only the potential for putting a smile on customers’ faces, but how far a small gesture can spread. It created positive brand awareness, helped Transpennine stand out, increased their social media presence to potential customers, and helped to generate great business for Transpennine Express.

Transpennine Express logo cupcakes

Our logo cupcakes have great shareability value, they taste great, and they can showcase your brand in a creative way. Here are a couple of examples of customers getting excited over their cupcakes!

 Branded Cupcakes for Transpennine Express

Logo Cupcakes delivered for Transpennine Express

Branded Cupcakes individually packaged




So, what do we do at Print Cakes?

In a nutshell, we bake branded cupcakes that will make your events pop! Whether it’s for a promotion, an corporate event, a client thank you gift or an in-house celebration, our cupcakes are sure to leave a lasting impression. They don’t just look great, they taste great too!

If you’re looking for something extra special as part of your marketing campaign to really get customers engaged with your brand, then look no further!

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes to make their brands truly tasty and to create a memorable impact, offering you edible design at your fingertips! Each of Print Cakes’ delicious, hand made branded cupcakes are topped with tasty icing discs, printed using the latest edible technology. Simply upload your designs, photos, logos or messages, and Print Cakes will bring them to life in cake form, or just contact us for a quote. They are then delivered right to your door, anywhere in the UK and keep fresh for at least 5 days.

Our cupcakes have been eaten by Richard Branson, to celebrate Virgin Money’s 20th Anniversary, Nick Knowles, as part of a DIY SOS big build, and Charlotte Crosby to promote her new tv show!

We always love to chat cake!

Order your branded cupcakes online at www.printcakes.co.uk or drop us an email at hello@printcakes.co.uk for a quote.

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