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A Sweet Update from Print Cakes - July

It's been a busy couple of months in the bakery, baking lots of branded biscuit and cupcakes for some very exciting brands. Our client list has grown considerably over the last few years and I thought it would be nice to share some of our latest bakes with you. A bit of cakespiration if you will! We hope it doesn't make you too hungry.

Charlotte Tilbury

Branded logo biscuits - shop printcakes.co.uk

We've really enjoyed baking a variety of printed biscuits for Charlotte Tilbury the last couple of months. A very cool customer we are sure you agree! The aeroplane lipstick biscuits were fun, and celebrated their new counter launch at Edinburgh Airport. It's always exciting when we get some lovely artwork to print onto the biscuits. Each image is printed straight onto our sugarpaste and then cut out by hand. We always colour check to ensure we get the prints as close as possible in colour to the original images.  

Virgin Atlantic

branded logo cupcakes for Virgin money - order from printcakes.co.uk

Company anniversary cupcakes at their best! It was lovely to bake some more Virgin Brand cakes, we are used to making lots of cakes for Virgin Money, but Virgin Atlantic turned 40 last month (just a couple of years ahead of me!) We made 800 of these branded cupcakes which were boxed up and sent to be enjoyed by all the crew! Sir Richard Branson has eaten some of our cupcakes and cake before, so I wonder if he got another try 🤔 The party looked amazing and Sir Richard ended up in the pool fully clothed with the crew. Unfortunately we weren't invited to the parties, but if the cakes were there we kind of were too right?!

SuperBike Factory

branded biscuits with logos - shop printcakes.co.uk

If you had asked for a logo biscuit a couple of years ago your options would have been round or square. Not any more!! We love a bespoke branded biscuit shape, and for these beauts, all we had was the SuperBike logo and a brief for a motorbike shaped biscuit. We made sure the bike image matched the brand colours and came up with a bespoke shape. You'll not find these biscuits anywhere else! We think we pulled it out the bag - do you?! 


gluten free logo cupcakes with uk delivery - shop printcakes.co.uk

Habitat celebrated 60 years of design last month. This order came straight through the website and got us all a bit excited! They requested gluten free logo cupcakes and each one is topped with their "60 years of design" image. I keep seeing the signage in Sainsbury's which is where you can get your Habitat fix now!

Premier Nutrition

We were tasked with a chicken and egg biscuit design for Premier Nutrition. The biggest issue was working out which to do first 😉 The chicken was a bespoke shape made to match their chicken icon perfectly. The egg shape we have used a few times for our Easter branded biscuits so it got an unseasonable trip out! Having two completely different designs looked great. We're always happy to mix and match. 

Bespoke Biscuit Boxes

These biscuit boxes were created for the MIB General Assembly 2024 and we were blessed with fab artwork from the client. There were a lot of parts to this order, and it was put together over a few weeks, so when I got to see the final product it was very rewarding. Each box included 3 printed biscuits, each with a different design. The black biscuit boxes were then all branded up with a bespoke sticker and a fun "Nice to eat you" message. All the boxes included full ingredients and allergy advice on the back. So you can relax knowing everyone knows exactly what they are getting. We think these look super smart!

Feeling Inspired?!

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