7 Unique  Valentines Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we thought we’d be a massive help and bring you some quirky gift ideas to put a smile on your partner’s face. If you’re looking for something a bit different and unique, then our list might just have something for you! From personalised chocolate to messages in bottles… Check it out:

  1. Personalised Chocolate Bar

Getting Personal have these awesome chocolate bars available for just £7.99! I think we know Wayne will see less than 40% of that bar already 😉 You can personalise the names, get a message printed on the back of the wrapper, and even get it delivered in a nice gift box. Perfect.

valentines chocolate gift

  1. Your face on socks!

Prezzy Box offer the chance to put your face (Or anyone’s for that matter! So whatever you’re into really…) on to socks for your loved one. Simply choose the colour of the socks and upload an image and they’ll deliver nationwide.

valentine sock gifts

  1. Message in a bottle

How about a message in a bottle for something different from I Just Love It? What’s great about this is, you could put in your partner’s favourite song lyrics, a poem, write your own loving message… it’s a gift that can offer such variety, so it’s all up to you. It comes in a gorgeous gift box and makes a perfect keepsake for your partner 😊

Message in a bottle gift

  1. Cheesy Mug

Not on the High Street have always been great for picking up a gift that’s a bit different! We all love a cheesy pun, and I’ll bEDAMned if I don’t fit one in here. You can pick up this mug with free UK mainland delivery!

Cheese pun mug

  1. Valentine’s Cards

Love Layla are the perfect company to buy your Valentines card from… as long as you’re not after a “soppy” card! They have a fantastic selection of cheeky cards, some more daring than others, so it’s worth a browse to find the right one for you.

Valentines card

  1. Make your own M&M’s

M&M allow you to create your own bag of personalised sweets! You can choose to put an image on them, a message or even emoji’s, so you can personalise the bag however you like to suit your partner. You’d probably like your partner’s head more if it was made of chocolate, right!? 

Valentine M&Ms

  1. Valentine Cupcake Gift Box

And lastly, why not check out our fantastic range of Valentines Day personalised cupcakes on the site! We also have options for you to create your own cupcakes, so whatever image or message you’d like on them, we can print it, and even pop a postcard in the gift box with a message on for your loved one.

Sweet Valentines cupcakes Valentines love you more cupcake gift box Valentines love you more cupcake gift box



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